Fortra's Digital Defense

Secure networks and applications. Prevent costly breaches. Simplify vulnerability management.

The highest performing vulnerability management software; Protect networks and applications with ease and accuracy.

Make your network security management stronger and simpler with  vulnerability management that’s easy to use and well supported.  Detect, analyze, and prioritize your security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Fortra Vulnerability Management (Fortra VM)

Industry leading complete, accurate, and easy-to-use vulnerability management solution 

Web Application Scanning (WAS)

Easy dynamic Web Application Scanning with accurate actionable results 

Active Threat Sweep (ATS)

Active Threat Sweep quickly and proactively detects active cyber security threats in your network 

Penetration Testing

Employ ethical hacking experts to conduct penetration tests, identify your cyber security weaknesses, and recommend remediation methods 

As a cloud-native SaaS, Fortra VM makes vulnerability management and threat assessment quick to deploy, flexible, and easy to use.  Get industry leading cyber security that’s simple, cost-effective, and lightweight.

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Red Team Penetration Testing

RTPT combines open source intelligence collection and social engineering, along with internal and external penetration testing to evaluate your organization’s susceptibility to a targeted attack  

Social Engineering Services

Digital Defense offers remote and onsite social engineering to support compliance efforts and assess your organization’s security awareness 

Penetration Testing Services

Employ ethical hacking experts to conduct penetration tests, identify your cyber security weaknesses, and recommend remediation methods 

Partner Programs

Digital Defense offers a robust partner program for MSPs, MSSPs, MDR, and VAR/Resellers as well as Technology Alliance partners 

Key Differentiators

Cybersecurity risks are a constant threat, get a vulnerability management and assessment solution that will give you accurate results without the excessive costs of other mainstream security risk assessment tools.


Why Choose Digital Defense

Pioneers in Vulnerability Management

For 20+ years Digital Defense has provided comprehensive vulnerability scanning, assessment and management, with dedicated 24\7 client support

Robust, Actionable Tracking & Reporting

Clear dashboards and reports with a simple security grade, progress tracking and monitoring, that simplify remediation and stakeholder communication

Complete SaaS Platform

Cloud native platform that includes web application scanning, active threat scanning, internal and external penetration testing, threat tracking and prioritizing, and more

Value of All Sizes

Tiered pricing helps you maximize your security budget without sacrificing coverage

Have you identified weaknesses in your web applications or APIs?

Web applications account for 60% of all breaches (Verizon DBIR 2023), highlighting the importance of good application security.

Find out how Fortra Managed Web Application Firewall can plug those weaknesses and give you peace of mind, with managed virtual patching, proven zero-day protections, adaptive trust-based policies, and expert optimized security profiles.

Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk