Fortra's FileCatalyst

Looking for an accelerated file transfer solution?  Exchange your files from anywhere in the world with FileCatalyst's fast file transfer.


FileCatalyst Direct

FIleCatalyst Direct utilizes UDP-based file transfer technology to enable accelerated file transfers from anywhere in the world. Even when experiencing network impairments, FileCatalyst Direct is capable of transferring your files with speeds up to 10 Gbps, saving your organization time and resources.

FileCatalyst Workflow

FileCatalyst Workflow is a web portal that allows users to share, modify, and track files with anyone within their organization. With the express intention of streamlining your organizational workflows, file areas are cordoned off for users to store files for processing and collaborative alteration. Like FileCatalyst Direct, FileCatalyst Workflow works wherever you are in the world.

FileCatalyst Central

FileCatalyst Central is a web-based tool that allows users to view file transfer in real time. Central’s monitoring capabilities includes transaction history and report checks, system health notifications, remote configuration, and file transfer initiation.


What is Fortra's FileCatalyst?


FileCatalyst is a robust accelerated file transfer software solution that supports client/server architecture, enabling the fast transfer of large files. FileCatalyst solutions are designed specifically to allow the transfer of large files over remote networks experiencing high latency or packet loss.

How Does Fortra's FileCatalyst Work?


FileCatalyst solutions employ multiple techniques to yield speedy file transfer results.  

FileCatalyst is a UDP-based protocol, which makes transferring large data sets much faster, even in high latency or packet loss environments.  To cut down on time-consuming compression and decompression processes before and after a file has been transmitted, FileCatalyst compresses the files you send on the fly. 

TCP streaming acts as FileCatalyst’s functioning safety net, which allows for file transfer acceleration to occur even when UDP is not possible. Additionally, FileCatalyst supports delta transfer algorithms which allows for users to revise files and, instead of sending the entirety of the file, sends just the revision that was made. Once the revision arrives to its destination, the original file is modified. 

Why Fortra's FileCatalyst?


FileCatalyst is an award-winning accelerated file transfer solution, known for achieving file transfer speeds much higher than other file transfer solutions.


Maintain scalability

Improve efficiency

Move large files with no delay


FileCatalyst ensures a constant flow of data, thanks to automatic retransmission in the case of a lost packet of data.

Flexible Fast File Transfer Deployment Options

Diagram of FileCatalyst Direct

Accelerate your specific file transfer workflow with FileCatalyst's suite of applications. Each application is purpose-built to improve your file transfers. Start with FileCatalyst Server and choose the client application that best fits your file transfer requirements.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our guide to discover which fast file transfer application is right for you: Master Fast File Transfer Applications.

You can rely on our years of experience to helping organizations resolve their fast file transfer issues with our convenient and powerful applications.

Benefits of Fortra's FileCatalyst


FileCatalyst is the premiere software for accelerating file transfers wherever you are in the world, and regardless of network strength. Large file transfers become much more sustainable and feasible with the FileCatalyst suite.  

The FileCatalyst suite has the capability to maximize organizational productivity, ease collaboration across border, secure confidential information and simplify the need for heavy-handed IT administration.  

Introduce Speed to Your Workflow

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