Fortra's Globalscape

Tired of manual file transfer solutions? Globalscape Managed File Transfer can help you automate with ease

What is Fortra's Globalscape?


Globalscape offers businesses flexible and secure file transfer tools to meet and exceed your unique business goals with our on-premises and cloud-based managed file transfer solutions: EFT and EFT Arcus (MFTaaS). Globalscape is recognized as consistently providing top-notch solutions for securing and automating file transfers for Windows-centric organizations.

Featured Products

Globalscape EFT - On-Premises Managed File Transfer

Globalscape’s On-Premises Managed File Transfer solution is designed to have enough flexibility under the hood to address any of your organization’s cybersecurity and file transfer needs.

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Globalscape EFT Arcus (MFTaaS) - Cloud Managed File Transfer

Globalscape’s EFT Arcus is a high-quality and economical Cloud Managed File Transfer platform that uses cloud capabilities and can securely transfer large data loads.

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Fortra's Globalscape Features


Globalscape’s products are built to be comprehensive and user-friendly. Most importantly, they provide security and compliance measures combined with powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis.

Built-in regulatory compliance controls

Visibility, auditing, and reporting 

Workflow automation and script-less monitoring

Two-factor authentication

High availability deployment options

Data encryption in motion and at rest

The Globalscape Factor


We make sure that all our products are thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards possible. A special aspect of the Globalscape mindset is that we want our products to be flexible, able to meet your organization’s specific needs. There are no one-off solutions. Just solutions that work for you.


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