IPv6 Test & Address Validator


Using the IPv6 Test Tool  

Who should use this tool?

IT professionals who are planning for their IPv6 deployment can use the IPv6 check tool to pre-check iPv6 addresses and confirm that their format is valid.

How should my IPv6 address be formatted?

IETF publication RFC 5592 "A Recommendation for IPv6 Address Text Representation" describes a preferred text representation for an IPv6 address. These rules make the address lower-case, trim leading zeroes, shorten runs of zero segments (e.g. :0000:) as much as possible but not a single segment, and place the compressed zeros as far to the left as possible. The best representation is also shown above.

Because of the complexity of the IPv6 address format, this test tool can help you avoid a permutation of the correct structure.

How does the IPv6 check tool work?

This tool confirms that an IPv6 address is valid and properly formatted by testing the address according to an elaborate regular expression (RE or regex). Using Javascript, the tool pulls IPv6 addresses out of inputted information and presents it in the "best text representation" according to IETF publication RFC 4291 "IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture."

Learn more about the regex for IPv6 addresses in this forum post in the Fortra Community portal.

IPv6 Test Cases

This Perl test script has over 200 test cases of valid and invalid IPv6 addresses. You can use them to test your own implementation. In addition, it has pointers to several other regular expressions that can be used for IPv6.


How to check for a valid IPv6 address:

Enter the IPv6 address below, and press Tab. The result below will indicate whether it's a properly formatted and valid IPv6 address.


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Wondering how other IT professionals are preparing for the transition? IT pros share what they know about IPv6, how they're preparing, and advice for their peers.