Network Monitoring Software by Intermapper

What Does Intermapper Network Monitoring Software Do?

Map and monitor your entire distributed IT environment with powerful, user-friendly software

Map Your Network

Intermapper's network monitoring software helps you create a network map, giving you a live view of what's happening on your network. Color-coded statuses tell you what's up and what's down. A variety of map layout options and icon choices help bring your unique IT environment to life. 

Maximize Uptime

When there's trouble, Intermapper sends you real-time alerts via text, email, sound, and more. You'll be able to find and fix technology issues before users or customers are impacted.

Troubleshoot Issues Faster

Spot problems across your distributed environment in seconds (not hours). You and your IT team will save time, reduce frustration, and keep customers and users happy.


Features of Intermapper Network Monitoring Software

Automatic network mapping

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Automatically discover and document every IP-enabled device in your network within minutes with network mapping software from Intermapper. Customize the look of your map with hundreds of icons and background options. You can also create hierarchical maps and sub-maps to show certain network areas, such as a floor of a building, classroom, or closet.

Plus, users can export maps to Microsoft Visio and .SVG format.

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Recognized as a High Performer on G2 for Network Monitoring

Intermapper is ranked highly in the network monitoring category for overall features, ease of use, and product support. See what else our users had to say when you read the reviews.

Add-on Capabilities of Intermapper's Network Monitoring Tool

Network Monitoring Tool Intermapper Flows interface with graphs and charts showing how network traffic is flowing

Get Visibility Into Network Traffic

Troubleshoot bandwidth issues with Intermapper Flows. This network traffic monitoring tool allows you to collect and analyze NetFlow sFlow, and jFlow data in real time.

Powerful and accurate, Intermapper helps you easily pinpoint bandwidth hogs, identify trends, and plan for future capacity needs.

Monitor Your Network from Anywhere

Working from home? Intermapper Remote Access gives you secure access to the Intermapper server from anywhere. Create maps, acknowledge alarms, and view reports from a remote machine.

Remote network monitoring software helps your team monitor network equipment effectively no matter where you (or your devices) are located. It's especially helpful or IT consultants, organizations with multiple offices, or managed service providers.

Remote access options within the network monitoring software give remote network monitoring capabilities

Fix Issues Fast with a Network Monitoring Tool

Free yourself from manual network remediation. A network monitoring and automation tool can help you ensure a rapid response to network events—without having to get anyone involved.

Low on resources and time? With the ability to trigger commands in response to Intermapper alerts, you can cut your remediation time from hours to minutes, so your IT team can be free to focus on other important initiatives.

10 Ways Intermapper Solves Network Monitoring Challenges for Real Organizations

Download The Intermapper Use Case Guide to learn how organizations across a variety of industries and sizes rely on Intermapper to gain a complete view of their network infrastructure.


Intermapper Pricing


Intermapper offers device-based licensing, so you only pay for the number of devices you want to monitor, starting at 10 devices—all the way to unlimited. We offer multiple pricing plans to help fit your organization’s needs: 

  • Subscription
    • An annual subscription to Intermapper's network monitoring tool
  • Perpetual
    • Lifetime license of Intermapper with first year maintenance and network monitoring services included

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Network Monitoring Software for All Industries

Having an efficient and effective network monitoring tool is a necessity for any organization that relies on consistent performance from their digital devices. This means that organizations from all industries – from tech to education – should strongly consider implementing Intermapper’s versatile and dependable network monitoring technology. Select your industry below to learn more about why network monitoring is a necessity for your organization and how Intermapper can help. 

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