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Learn how to detect and solve network problems with Intermapper Probes

While ping tests are useful, Intermapper’s real power comes from its probes—software plug-ins that collect information from a device to show more about its performance. Select a device and choose Monitor > Set Info > Set Probe. You will see a window with categories of probes on the left.

Things to Try

  • Automatic: This probe uses either Pings or SNMP queries to monitor the device. If the device speaks SNMP, Intermapper will use the SNMP traffic probe to query the device. If not, Intermapper will ping the device and report if it ever goes down.
  • SNMP traffic: This probe monitors traffic on routers, switches, etc. It works with nearly every vendor’s network equipment.
  • Network devices: These probes monitor a variety of other equipment, such as Cisco, Apple, APC, other UPS vendors, and more.
  • Servers-Standard: Probes for standards-based servers, such as mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP), web (HTTP & HTTPS), LDAP, Radius, DNS, etc.
  • Servers-Proprietary: Vendor-specific probes for Barracuda, Citrix, Big Brother, Microsoft, Nagios, and many others.

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Use this interactive tool to create a valid Intermapper SNMP probe.

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