Fortra's JAMS

Smart Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Across the Entire Enterprise


Fortra’s JAMS delivers workload automation (WLA) and enterprise job scheduling to orchestrate jobs and workflows across platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud. From simple batch process and scripts to complex workflows that integrate jobs running across multiple servers and applications, JAMS automates processes from a centralized console.  


Cross Platform Scheduling

One scheduler controls jobs on all your business systems

High Availability

Comprehensive failover for uninterrupted workload automation

Job Monitoring

One pane of glass for monitoring jobs across your environment


Schedule and automate programmatically


Native connections to leading business applications

Reports and Dashboards

Clear, concise oversight of jobs and workflows

The Power of Cross Platform Automation


JAMS centralizes and orchestrates batch processes and workloads that are critical to the modern enterprise. Our streamlined solutions consolidate job scheduling into a single command center – one with a wealth of automation features to execute jobs reliably and securely. The cross-platform capabilities of JAMS enable organizations to extract maximum value from IT investments in platforms and applications, both on premise and in the cloud.

What Automation Pros Demand

Single Pane of Glass
Smart Notifications
Built to Scale

About Fortra's JAMS

JAMS provides exceptional automation solutions for cross-platform environments.

JAMS is designed and developed to give IT operations pros all the tools they need to support an increasingly diverse set of platforms and applications. Our centralized interfaces and enterprise-class functionality let you define, manage, and monitor critical batch processes so you can improve SLAs, optimize IT resources, and reduce IT overhead. From executing simple command lines to running multistep workflows that leverage ERPs, databases, and BI tools – JAMS can orchestrate your business’s entire schedule.


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JAMS offers comprehensive features for workload automation:

Advanced and custom job schedules

Job triggers and dependencies

Cross-platform and cross-application automation

Alerts and notifications

High availability and disaster recovery

Automation APIs

Enterprise Security

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Training Resources



Designed for hybrid cloud and high availability.

Creating a Job

Create your first JAMS job.

Automating File Transfers

Automate FTP, FTPS, SFTP, S3, and SCP.

Using Variables and Parameters in Jobs

Prompt for user input or store frequently used values.

JAMS University

Master the spectrum of workload automation and become an enterprise expert.

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