JAMS Scheduler

Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software

Key JAMS Features

Automation for today’s enterprise 

Centralize job and workflow automation across your organization

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Define, manage, and monitor all jobs and workloads from a central console to make sure processes execute as defined. The powerful automation engine handles jobs spanning multiple platforms and logs all details.

Keep service levels high across all platforms and applications with a centralized approach 

Centralize Security and Control

Implement a unified method of job scheduling and workload automation across diverse platforms and applications to improve consistency and develop a full picture of the critical processes running across your organization. Your ability to apply granular security controls means you can protect sensitive processes in a way that adheres to your defined business roles and privileges.

Deliver on Service Level Expectations

Departments around your company rely on your team to execute batch processes and IT workloads on a regular basis. Keep service levels high for all internal customers by executing critical jobs and processes like clockwork. This supports informed decision-making and helps your business run better at all levels.

Maximize Efficiency

Stay focused on larger, more strategic initiatives by automating routine batch jobs and data-intensive IT processes. With the ability to complete everyday workloads more quickly and reliably, you free overburdened IT team members to shift their attention to other projects where their skills are put to better use.


Automate Critical Workloads and Jobs in Any Industry

Each industry has different requirements when it comes to security and how sensitive processes need to be handled. JAMS helps businesses across a range of sectors to achieve efficiency, security, and control in workload automation and job scheduling.

Financial Services
Software & Data
Public Sector

Download the Job Scheduling Checklist


Take a careful look at your native schedulers, proprietary automation tools, and homegrown scheduling scripts. Find out whether they’re creating real value for the business or whether they’re falling short.

What Integrations Are Available with JAMS?

JAMS integrates directly with industry-leading ERP, Finance, CRM, and BI applications, so you can begin defining powerful, cross-platform workflows without scripting—and without costly professional services.


🗸 Chef

🗸 Oracle SQL


🗸 Java

🗸 Python

🗸 ServiceNow

🗸 MS Dynamics

🗸 Splunk

🗸 Azure


🗸 Oracle EBS

🗸 Ecometry

🗸 JD Edwards

🗸 RedHat

🗸 Mac OSX

🗸 Symitar

🗸 Banner

🗸 Netezza

🗸 PeopleSoft (Oracle)

🗸 Hadoop

🗸 PowerShell

🗸 SAP 

🗸 Microsoft .NET

🗸 Solaris

🗸 VMWare

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