Offensive Security Product Bundles

Fortra's offensive security product bundles address vulnerability management, penetration testing, and red teaming

Fortra's Offensive Security Solutions


Our modern threat landscape is constantly evolving, and a proactive approach must now be as central to any security strategy as defensive tactics. Reactive controls will always be a necessity, but organizations can also work to reduce the attack surface by anticipating a breach and detecting and responding to security weaknesses before serious impact is felt.  

Get ahead of attackers with the help of offensive security solutions that identify and prioritize risk, provide actionable insights and creating a pathway to remediation. Our Offensive Security Bundles streamline multiple layers of complexity to create a mature security program and ensure your organization can prevent successful cyberattacks.

Bundle the following solutions in five different configurations for an enhanced security stance and centralized control:

Core Impact

Find your organization's weak points with Fortra's powerful penetration testing software solution. Core Impact provides much-needed insight into potential vulnerabilities, and allows users to run routine automated tests, as well as select from a library of exploits.

Core Impact is part of the Essentials, Advanced, Elite, and Advanced Red Team bundles.

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Fortra VM

Continuous vulnerability monitoring and management is an essential piece of any cyber risk management program, and Fortra VM is trusted as one of the industry's most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use vulnerability management tools.

Fortra VM is part of the Essentials and Elite bundles.

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Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike is a threat emulation software that is primarily used for advanced adversary simulation and Red Teaming. As part of Fortra's Offensive Security Bundles, Cobalt Strike offers a flexible framework for executing post-exploitation tasks and provides key insights to improve security operations and incident response.

Cobalt Strike is part of the Advanced, Elite, Red Team, and Advanced Red Team bundles.

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Outflank Security Tooling (OST)

Outflank Security Tooling (OST) is a set of specialized red teaming tools that are designed to simulate today's cyberattacks and current APT techniques while evading defensive and detection tools. Designed to extend Cobalt Strike's reach, OST empowers red team operators for increased efficiency.

Outflank is part of the Red Team and Advanced Red Team bundles.

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Anticipate Attacks with Offensive Security Solutions

Vulnerability Management

  • Scans environment to identify security weaknesses that can be exploited by an attacker
  • Uses external information for risk prioritization
  • Can be automated and frequently run to provide up-to-date picture of security
  • Often required for compliance regulations
  • Fortra VM - SaaS vulnerability management solution with proprietary technology for superior network security assessments

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Bundle Solutions for Maximum Coverage


With Fortra's Offensive Security Bundles, you can assemble your proactive security portfolio all in one place, choosing the combination that best fits the needs and security stance of your organization. Each one of our bundle offerings provides centralization and reduced console fatigue that will enhance and accelerate your security.

Why Bundled Software is Better

Choosing an Offensive Security Bundle doesn't only mature your security at a discounted price. By consolidating vendors, you'll also benefit from the efficiency of having the same best-in-class sales and technical support that Fortra offers across solutions.

Creative problem-solving paves the way to success when tackling complex cybersecurity challenges. By bringing trusted Fortra products together in powerful new ways, you have access to an elevated set of tools, capabilities, and resources. These software bundles will help you actively protect your organization's infrastructure, your employees and customers, and your data.

All Fortra Software Bundles

Fortra VM & Core Impact Essentials Bundle


Combine Fortra Vulnerability Manager (Fortra VM), the industry's most comprehensive SaaS vulnerability management solution, with Core Impact, Fortra's powerful penetration testing platform, to scan, evaluate, and prioritize security vulnerabilities throughout your network.

Essentials Bundle Benefits

  • Intelligent network scanning
  • Automated pen testing
  • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with Fortra VM, further evaluate risk through exploitation of these vulnerabilities with Core Impact
  • Integration of Fortra VM with Core Impact for swift vulnerability validation

Core Impact & Cobalt Strike Advanced Bundle


Secure your environment with these powerful assessment tools. Fortra's penetration testing and threat emulation software together provide a robust view of vulnerabilities through advanced ransomware and phishing simulations and comprehensive reporting, while also giving teams the ability to collaborate in real time.

Advanced Bundle Benefits

  • Automated pen testing
  • Advanced adversary emulation and Red Teaming
  • Share resources, like modules and extensions
  • Extend security assessments with interoperability like session passing and tunneling capabilities

Fortra VM, Core Impact & Cobalt Strike Elite Bundle


Evaluate security, identify vulnerabilities, and proactively reduce risk when you combine vulnerability management, penetration testing, and threat emulation tools. The three solutions run at the same time and are interoperable, streamlining the process to identify, remediate, and simulate vulnerabilities.

Elite Bundle Benefits

  • Intelligent networking scanning
  • Automated pen testing
  • Advanced adversary simulation and Red Teaming
  • Integration and interoperability features
  • Fully mature your offensive security strategy from initial scan to attack simulation

Cobalt Strike & Outflank Security Tooling (OST) Red Team Bundle


Built to integrate seamlessly into Cobalt Strike's flexible command and control framework, OST extends your red teaming capabilities. Together, these tools can deploy more sophisticated adversary simulation and assess overall security posture and vulnerability.

Red Team Bundle Benefits

  • Advanced adversary simulation and Red Teaming
  • Post-exploitation exercises
  • Broad set of offensive tools focused on evasion
  • Integration of OST with Cobalt Strike's framework through Beacon Object Files (BOFs) and reflective DLL loading techniques

Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, & OST Advanced Red Team Bundle


Safely evaluate security gaps, defenses, and security strategies using the same strategies as today's threat actors. Together Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, and OST provide a holistic security testing methodology for advanced red teamers.

Advanced Red Team Bundle Benefits

  • Automated pen testing
  • Advanced adversary simulation and red teaming
  • Broad set of offensive tools focused on evasion
  • Session passing and other interoperability and integration capabilities

Layering Solutions for a Mature Security Posture

Cobalt Strike & Outflank OST
Core Impact
Fortra VM

Need help figuring out which bundle is right for you?

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