Software de monitoreo IT gratuito: Monitoreo de IT y Negocio en Tiempo Real

Free IT services monitoring software with a business insight

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Vityl IT & Business Monitoring is a sophisticated and flexible monitoring solution that adapts to organizations of all sizes and industries.

The free version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring includes all the same functionalities as the business version: 

  • Customizable dashboards, for different IT and Business roles
  • Integration with the main IT tools
  • Practical templates to monitor your services and business processes
  • Advanced management of SLAs and reports
  • Correlation of events and bottom / up vision
  • Business controls and top / down vision
  • Out-of-the-box templates to monitor your infrastructure
  • Real-time problem detection

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Do you need additional monitoring? Download a free 30-day trial of the enterprise version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring, which allows you to monitor devices unlimitedly. See more >