AIX Lite for VIOS Monitoring

Monitoring software for your Virtual I/O Server

Ready-to-Use VIOS Monitoring Software


Using Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) as a host partition for I/O is a great way to reduce hardware costs and allow greater system flexibility.

If you’re using a VIOS partition, you want to make sure that you have maximum ability to monitor and automate system activity. Letting VIOS activities go unchecked could result in costly downtime or negative business impacts the longer errors go unnoticed.

Get real-time information on hardware and software errors, changes to your files, and performance metrics with the AIX Lite agent for VIOS monitoring. Together with our base monitoring Network Server Suite software, it provides system administrators with the ability to easily monitor, manage, and automate VIOS events without any need for additional outside expertise or more staff.

Make AIX VIOS Monitoring Simple with Templates

Templates make AIX VIOS monitoring easy

VIOS greatly improves the way multiple partitions can be supported on a single system and helps to keep costs down. Use templates we’ve created to help you monitor

standard metrics to ensure the highest degree of system performance. See real-time updates and alerts right within Enterprise Console on key information like:

  • System errors
  • Changes to key files within the VIOS
  • Sustained use of CPU
  • File system usage
  • Disk space usage
  • Memory usage

Reap the Full Benefits of Network Server Suite

Along with special AIX VIOS capabilities, you can enjoy every feature Network Server Suite provides:

Quick, easy software installation

Single pane of glass for centralized monitoring

Advanced network monitoring of servers, applications, and services

Unlimited network monitoring of SNMP devices

Automatic alerts via email or SMS

Get Started

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