Network Server Suite

Network Server Monitoring Software for Windows, Linux, AIX, or VIOS

Comprehensive monitoring software for your network servers

24/7 Monitoring for Your Unique Network

Windows, Linux, AIX, VIOS, SNMP devices—whatever combination your network serves up, you need fully configurable monitoring software to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re a busy system administrator or a managed service provider, monitor all of your network servers, services, and devices for maximum availability 24/7.

No Additional Expertise Required

Ensuring that smooth sailing for all your network servers, regardless of operating system, doesn’t require bulking up your platform knowledge or hiring extra help. Deliver seamless IT operations across platforms without increasing headcount.

One-Stop Mobile Management

Manage all of your network servers, services, applications, and devices from a single, mobile-ready console. View all messages and alerts across your environment in real time within Enterprise Console.


Manage Multiple Environments from a Centralized Location

AIX Server Manager

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Have tighter control of critical applications running on the AIX platform as well as the ability to comprehensively monitor and manage other platforms, services, and network devices. Learn more >

Key Features

Quick, easy software installation

Centralized view of real-time performance

Advanced network monitoring of servers, applications, and services

Unlimited network monitoring of SNMP devices

Automatic alerts via email or SMS

Pre-configured templates

Single Pane of Glass

Enterprise Console is the hub of systems managagement for the Halcyon solution from Fortra . Free with Network Server Suite, Enterprise Console allows you to view messages and alerts from your IBM i, VIOS, AIX, Linux, and Windows servers on a centralized, graphical console, providing a dashboard view of your entire enterprise.

Reponses can be given to messages and alerts closed from the central console while color-coded options help identify different servers and/or different types of alerts. Comprehensive filters can escalate actions, change severity, and forward alerts via email or SMS text messaging. This is ideal for monitoring and controlling multiple servers from a single location.

Mobile apps for Enterprise Console are available for Apple and Android devices, so you can manage your environment from anywhere for complete piece of mind, day or night.

Acknowledging an open alert in Enterprise Console to stop any defined escalation

We now have high levels of confidence that our whole infrastructure is being monitored efficiently and that critical alerts will be received without delay so appropriate actions can be taken to minimize business disruption.

Andrew Richardson, Senior Manager IT Service Delivery, BGL Group


Who’s Afraid of Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS? Not i.

It can be scary stepping out of your comfort zone to manage and take responsibility for new technologies, but it’s also exciting—and increasingly important.

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Comparison Checklist for Managed Service Providers

This checklist helps you distinguish between Fortra and other monitoring, automation, and reporting solutions so you can make the best decision for your company. 

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Need to Monitor IBM i Servers?

IBM i Server Suites provides flexible server monitoring for the entire IBM i environment.

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