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Watch a Demo of Core Impact

Conduct advanced penetration tests with ease and efficiency. See what our powerful penetration testing tool can do in this on-demand demo.

Core Impact allows organizations to easily and efficiently conduct penetration tests, using the same techniques as today’s threat actors to assess the security of an IT environment. With an intuitive interface, security professionals can easily uncover and safely exploit security weaknesses, minimizing risk and protecting critical assets.

Core Impact can be used across vectors and helps centralize security, serving as a multi-faceted tool that allows you to gather information, deploy tests , create thorough reports, and re-test to validate remediations.

In this 30 minute demo, you'll see how Core Impact can streamline your penetration testing routine by:

  • Automating routine tests with Rapid Penetration Tests
  • Validating vulnerabilities with scanner integration
  • Leveraging our commercial-grade exploit library
  • Replicating attacks across your network, web clients, and applications
  • Simulating effective phishing campaigns
  • Supporting compliance with regulations and industry standards like PCI-DSS, CMMC, and NIST