Event Manager Pricing

Get device based pricing and learn how you can monitor every datasource

Event Manager manages potential vulnerabilities proactively using centralized security management and real-time information, making this SIEM solution a vital tool in avoiding devastating data breaches caused by both insider risks and external threat actors. Whether these threats come from internal or external sources, Event Manager is able to send a prioritized alert notifying your team of a potential issue that should be investigated quickly.

Some SIEM vendors charge by the amount of data generated, which fluctutates enough to make cost unpredictable. Event Manager takes a much more straightforward approach. With device-based pricing, you get a predictable number that can be relied upon when building a budget. To estimate the cost of purchasing Event Manager for your organization, just fill out the form on this page. One of our sales representatives will follow up with you to discuss your organization’s needs and provide customized pricing information.

Why Event Manager?

Real-Time Threat Detection

With real-time logging, correlation, and prioritization of events, your team can stop threats in their tracks before they result in a devastating breach.

Automatic Event Escalation

Avoid sifting through meaningless alerts with prioritization capabilities with filters to tailor to suit your organization's needs, ensuring the right events are escalated.

Monitoring for Every Device

With both out-of-the-box-templates for standard datasources and integrations for third party and home-grown applications, you'll have visibility into all of your critical systems.

Data Normalization and Enrichment

Get all the information you need quickly with both disparate data streams translated into a common format that everyone can understand and additional context to give this data meaning.

Personalized Dashboards

Easy to use personalized dashboards allow you to view your entire IT environment, with multiple views for additional insights.