Petra Buhrer

Petra Bührer

Offering Manager for Power Systems Software

Petra Bührer is an Offering Manager for Power Systems Software and joined the team of world wide offering managers within Cognitive Systems in 2016. Petra owns the AIX portfolio, as well as Security across the platform as the lead offering manager and covers projects related to cloud management and workload-based solutions. In this role Petra's responsibilities include partner management across IP deals and joint ventures for related products. Having covered the Cloud & virtualization stack for half a year in 2017, Petra has experience in various areas of the Power System SW portfolio.

Before joining Power, Petra has worked in the mainframe space on projects related to SAP on DB2 for z Systems and thus brings experience with a huge integrated software solution and technology stack.

In addition, Petra was elected Vice-Chairman of the IBM Technical Expert Council (TEC CR) in 2017 which is an affiliate of the IBM Academy of Technology.

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