NetWalker Helps Clients Build Stronger Networks with Intermapper


NetWalker provides businesses with network security and monitoring solutions and hardware. These offers are sold online on NetWalkerStore with a wide range of computer and network hardware connectivity for private and public sector organizations across France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. NetWalker also has a blog about network monitoring with Intermapper.

NetWalker works to provide successful solutions to build and optimize network infrastructures. Based in France, they help thousands of their clients build their ideal computer network and provide everything—both hardware and software—that an organization needs to keep their network up and running.

As NetWalker builds out networks, they understand the importance of network monitoring. That’s why they’ve been with Intermapper, a comprehensive network mapping and monitoring solution from Fortra, for more than 25 years.

“When installing a professional network infrastructure, it is imperative to have a comprehensive monitoring tool,” Philippe Hanus, owner of NetWalker says. “This is what Intermapper offers, which provides a clear view of computer system and network performance.”

Solving Diverse Problems


NetWalker works with a wide variety of companies, from internet service providers (ISP), banks, public administration, hospitals, and even television and radio channels. With a wide array of companies, comes a wide array of network challenges that Intermapper can help resolve. “Fortunately, Intermapper knows how to adapt to the needs of users,” Philippe says. Intermapper makes it possible for clients to identify any anomalies in the load of the network, view live performance data, and be alerted to any malfunction of the network or server.

Providing fast and free-flowing internet service is critical for NetWalker’s ISP clients in order to keep their own customers satisfied with their level of service. Intermapper helps them by providing live network performance data so ISPs can know the status and performance of internet connections and site-to-site VPN connections to keep service flowing and spot issues before they become problems. For NetWalker’s TV and radio channel clients, Intermapper helps monitor their infrastructure to ensure that content is always online, available, and working as intended so customers can access the media that they’ve paid for.

NetWalker has even used Intermapper to help companies smoothly transition to new buildings. Clients were able to use Intermapper to monitor the installation of their new network infrastructure to watch the connection of different switches and determine the availability of internet access.

Troubleshooting Network Issues


Intermapper has also proven to be a helpful tool for performing network audits. A client of NetWalker’s was using an external provider to manage their network infrastructure and were experiencing slowdowns between their remote sites. Three of the connections were having major performance issues every day. When their provider asked them to prove that these issues were real, NetWalker knew they could count on Intermapper for help.

“We sold and installed Intermapper and monitored each of the interconnections,” Philippe says. “With the data, we were able to show that there was a decrease of performance of more than 30% every day.” Thanks to Intermapper, they were able to gather the performance data they needed to send to their provider, get the issue fixed, and get back up and running at full capacity.

Monitor Critical Equipment with Intermapper


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