Customer Phishing Protection Bundle

Prevent, Detect & Disrupt Phishing with an Integrated Solution from Agari & PhishLabs

Threat actors impersonate legitimate brands to steal account holder credentials, leading to increased fraud and loss of customer trust. As phishing continues to rise, many organizations find themselves in need of more proactive protection that can deliver the email authentication, threat intelligence, and mitigation capabilities necessary to successfully fend off attacks.

Prevent, detect, and disrupt phishing attacks with Agari and PhishLabs. The Customer Phishing Protection bundle integrates best-of-breed solutions to stop domain spoofing, detect phishing campaigns, and mitigate the infrastructure threat actors rely on. With Agari and PhishLabs, you can:

  • Prevent threat actors from spoofing your email domains and impersonating your brands
  • Detect phishing sites as soon as threat actors launch campaigns that target your customers
  • Stop attacks at the source by disrupting the phishing campaign infrastructure attackers rely on
  • Achieve end-to-end protection against phishing attacks with a single world-class partner

Prevent Email Domain Spoofing


Agari DMARC Protection stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC email authentication and enforcement to protect customers from cyberattacks, preserve brand identity, and improve digital engagement.

Agari analyzes two trillion emails per year claiming to be from domains across the world’s largest cloud email providers. By combining Agari DMARC Protection tools with third-party sender knowledge, Agari lets you authenticate your organization’s legitimate email, thereby blocking unauthorized email from reaching your customers.

Proactively Detect Phishing Attacks

Threat Feed

PhishLabs' Credential Theft service automatically integrates intelligence from Agari’s DMARC Protection solution into an extensive collection apparatus that consumes a broad range of sources, including:

  • Spam feeds
  • Domain registrations
  • SSL transparency logs
  • Passive DNS monitoring
  • Active DNS queries
  • DMARC failure reports

PhishLabs continuously mines this intelligence to proactively detect phishing campaigns early in the attack cycle. For example, DMARC failure reports from Agari DMARC Protection can detect phishing campaigns as soon as emails are launched. By integrating this intelligence, PhishLabs can identify the threat and take immediate action to disrupt it.



Stop Phishing at the Source


For 15+ years, PhishLabs has cultivated trusted relationships with an extensive global network of hosts, registrars, and authorities. With automated killswitches, preferred escalation integrations, an unlimited model, and a relentless approach, enterprises can experience the highest success rate and fastest speed of phishing site takedown in the industry.

Mitigation Network

With intelligence from Agari DMARC Protection, PhishLabs can also pursue mitigation of underlying campaign infrastructure such as sending domains and IP addresses. This further disrupts threat actor operations, imposes significant cost, and deters future attacks.

Achieve End-to-End Phishing Protection with a Single Partner


By combining best-of-breed services from Agari and PhishLabs, the Customer Phishing Protection bundle from Fortra is a complete, integrated solution that reduces complexity and simplifies security operations. Integration between the two services is delivered “out-of-the-box” with no heavy lifting or setup. DMARC failure reports automatically flow from Agari to PhishLabs for analysis and mitigation, delivering immediate value while eliminating the need for any manual collection and forwarding.

The Customer Phishing Protection bundle also features streamlined contracting, account management, and support. This reduces vendor sprawl by consolidating essential phishing protection services into a single contract, saving you time and reducing overhead.


“Speed of takedown for fraudulent sites is amazing.”
– Security Executive at Large Financial Institution

At a Glance Features

Agari DMARC Protection

Key Features

  • Fully-hosted DMARC deployment reduces administration and management burden
  • Email cloud intelligence identifies and visualizes sender domains and IP addresses
  • EasySPF quickly and automatically builds error-free SPF records
  • EasyDKIM automates selector identification and overall management of DKIM
  • BIMI indicators put a trusted logo on every email you send, creating millions of free brand impressions
  • Data analytics give deep context on email domains, such as authentication, deliverability, abuse & more


  • Improve customer trust by protecting your brand from being used in phishing attacks
  • Accelerate DMARC enforcement and decrease time to reject by automating implementation
  • Maximize marketing efficacy and improve email engagement with trusted communications
  • Reduce operational costs associated with email channel management
Phishlabs' Credential Theft Service

Collection Methods

  • Intelligence partners
  • PhishLabs Web Beacon
  • Threat pivoting
  • Anti-evasion technology
  • Domain intelligence: Zone files, SSL cert logs, passive, and active DNS
  • Inbound feeds: abuse reports, site referrer logs, DMARC reports

Analysis and Intelligence

  • Phishing kit analysis
  • Expert validation
  • Credential recovery (when possible)
  • Active campaign intelligence
  • Threat Feed API: Real-time access to confirmed credential theft URLs

Threat Mitigation

  • Fastest in the industry
  • 99% success rate
  • Automated blocking
  • Kill switches and takedown APIs
  • Trusted relationships: Global network of hosts, registrars, and authorities
  • Unlimited model, relentless approach