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Insite Analytics BRMS Dashboard


BRMS Monitoring and Management, Simplified


Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) is a critical component of your operations. BRMS helps you manage backups and restore accurate information when a recovery is necessary.

Now you can consolidate and monitor data from all your BRMS environments on a dashboard in Insite Analytics. Instantly see failed backups, objects not saved, and expired media. Then, drill down into the details to further investigate. You can also create your own dashboards to monitor all BRMS backups or just specific systems.

Monitor Your BRMS Environments from a Single Dashboard

Aggregate backup tape operations data into a single dashboard, so you no longer have to monitor systems individually. Insite Analytics provides a unified view that saves you time hunting for issues system by system.


Identify Backup Issues in Real Time

See alerts when a backup process has failed and where that failure is happening. Insite Analytics lets you know which tapes need to be pulled and which can remain in place in real time.


Drill Down, Investigate, and Resolve Issues Fast

Dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to identify and diagnose backup process issues. Insite Analytics lets you drill down into failed backups, objects not saved, and expired media, so you can resolve issues fast.

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  • Consolidated view of BRMS data
  • Out-of-the-box templates and dashboards
  • See status of backups, objects, and media
  • Monitor network health of systems and manage media
  • Drilldown into backup details
  • Intuitive query and dashboard builder to build other dashboards
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Any relational database including: DB2, Oracle, PostgresSQL, MS SQLServer, MySQL, Excel, and Access
  • Automate
  • GoAnywhere MFT
  • Robot Network
  • Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i
  • Powertech Encryption for IBM i
  • Powertech Event Manager
  • Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i
  • Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i
  • Robot Schedule
  • Vityl IT & Business Monitoring


  • Windows
  • Linux