Intermapper Getting Started Training Overview

Intermapper Getting Started Training Overview


The Intermapper Getting Started training program helps customers quickly apply their knowledge to easily map and monitor their environment.

Intermapper from Fortra is an enterprise mapping, monitoring, and alerting tool that helps network administrators maintain healthy networks. Customers can now take advantage of our Intermapper Getting Started training program to help enable planning of hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements to maximize uptime with minimal resources. The training program is comprised of a series of remote, instructor led sessions, focused on:

  •  Familiarization of basic Intermapper product concepts capabilities and features
  •  Configuration of Intermapper settings for optimal usage
  •  Creation of a network map

Through the Getting Started training program, customers will walk away with a working knowledge of Intermapper that can serve as a building block for their network monitoring strategy. The training program will help customers leverage the rich features of Intermapper that improve network reliability and reduce operating costs in an easy-to-use tool.





  • Overview of Intermapper Server settings to discuss each option and its relevance
  • Configuration of the Web Server
  • Provide one-on-one instruction on setting up the Reports Server and how to generate reports
  • Overview and set up of notifications
  • Configuration of users and user access
  • Overview of the Remote Access client
  • Discussion of retention policies
  • Direction on network mapping options and the creation of a network map (including device discovery options)
  • Guidance on chart data
  • Direction on submap options and other ways to lay maps out
  • Instructions for configuring Intermapper Flows exporter, if needed


  •  New Intermapper product customer
    •  DIY environment
    •  Desire a working knowledge of Intermapper
  •  Existing customer needing Intermapper training for new users


  • Customer has purchased and received the Intermapper Server software
  • The server is configured with the supported operating system and any required options
  • All networking components are in place for proper communications between required systems
  • Availability of Customer System or Network Administrator