Network Monitoring Software: Ultimate Evaluation Kit


Does this sound like you?

  • Your boss recently asked you to research new network monitoring tools.
  • You said “Okay…” but you have zero free hours for this project.
  • Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter.
  • Between troubleshooting network issues and helping users, you just don't have time to try 16 software options.

Rest easy. We've got the practical, no-nonsense facts about network monitoring software you need.

Simplify your research with six of our best tools, including our digital buyer's guide, interactive network requirements list, and software ROI hub.

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What Does the Ultimate Evaluation Kit Include?


1. Digital Buyer’s Guide

Technical solutions consultant Kevin Jackson cover the buyer’s journey from start to finish, including trends, benefits of network monitoring software, various software models, key features, creating your budget, finding trustworthy reviews, and tips for trial periods.

2. Network Requirements List

Define your ideal solution with this interactive checklist. How many routers, servers, and cloud applications do you need to monitor? What features are required, optional, or not needed? This PDF is interactive and you can print to talk through with peers, or save and send a digital copy to vendors.  

3. Support Checklist

Great software is characterized by great support, but often you have no knowledge of how responsive or helpful a vendor’s support team is until after you’ve purchased. Ask the right questions up front so you make sure you select a technology partner with solid support.

4. Feature Comparison

Wish you had an extensive list of all the features a product offered? This online checklist pits our very own network monitoring solution against others for comparison.

5. The ROI of Network Monitoring Software

Explore the costs of downtime and the benefits of network monitoring, then create a custom slide deck for your boss that communicates everything you just learned. You can also estimate the cost of Intermapper compared to downtime costs.

6. Free 30-Day Trial

Try Intermapper, our user-friendly mapping and monitoring solution. Download it right away and you’ll have access to the full features for 30 days. It’s easy to get up and running, and we’re on hand if you need help.