The 2022 Phishing Benchmark Global Report

Free Phishing Benchmarking Data to Train Your Cyber Heroes

The Phishing Benchmark Global Report provides organizations with data-driven insights from the latest Gone Phishing Tournament, analyzing phishing simulation data from over 250 organizations and 1.2 million users around the world. 

You’ll learn:

  • Which sectors finished with the best and worst global click rates
  • The shocking result for enterprise-level organizations and what it means
  • Why the most vital component of a cyber security culture isn't resources
  • How to maximize security awareness training with risk-based campaigns
  • What steps CISOs recommend you take to build a cyber-aware culture

While this year’s data shows a drastic change in the results compared to last year's simulation, but one fact remains the same: the risk of an employee falling victim to a phishing email is still high.

Download the report to access in-depth phishing benchmarking data and learn how to drive effective behavior change and strengthen security awareness initiatives.