The Ultimate Guide to Insider Threats 

Learn about the three types of insider threats, how to fortify against permission drift, and the emerging detection strategies that work in hyper-complex environments.  

Understanding Key Insider Threats: Protection, Management, and Prevention 

Today’s complex digital environments give insiders more leverage than ever to wreak havoc on unsuspecting organizations. That’s why today’s companies can’t get caught off guard. 

In this report, you’ll learn the top three classifications of insider threats – malicious, compromised, and negligent – and understand which vulnerabilities lead to each.

By focusing on a people-centric approach, it addresses rampant permission drift and enumerates proactive strategies companies can take against these latent threats. 

This study offers a better understanding of:  

  • The risks inherent in different roles  
  • Emerging insider threat prevention techniques 
  • How to curb internal permission drift 

Review the effectiveness of risk assessments, data loss prevention strategies, and insider threat management programs. See for yourself how behavioral analytics and data analysis are being leveraged to detect previously undetectable insider espionage techniques. 

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