HelpSystems (now Fortra) Acquires Cobalt Strike to Expand Core Security Business

Posted on March 4, 2020 | Infrastructure and Data Protection

Top pen-testing solution joins Core Security in Fortra roster of infrastructure protection solutions to meet surging market demand

MINNEAPOLIS (March 4, 2020)Fortra announced today the acquisition of Cobalt Strike, a leading penetration testing (pen-testing) solution that enables companies to emulate the tactics and techniques of a cyberthief in an IT network to highlight weaknesses. This acquisition complements Fortra's existing Core Security business unit by bringing together best-in-class tools and combining them with strong services to expand Fortra's infrastructure protection offerings.

Finding and exploiting weaknesses in IT infrastructure is the name of the game for cybercriminals the world over. The threat landscape in 2020 and beyond will be marked by deliberate, unwavering attempts to access valuable, sensitive information from servers both in the cloud and down the hall. Organizations need to know what they’re up against and how their systems will perform when an intrusion occurs. Pen-testing is a highly effective and necessary tool for accomplishing this.

“With the acquisition of Cobalt Strike, we can now provide testers with a greater arsenal to test their environments and validate their security practices,” said Brian Wenngatz, GM, Core Security, a Fortra Company. “Thousands of security testers rely on the cutting-edge security capabilities of Cobalt Strike and we are thrilled to add such an excellent company.”

This acquisition brings additional cybersecurity expertise to Fortra’s strong bench of industry influencers: Cobalt Strike creator Raphael Mudge is a thought leader within the pen-testing community and will continue to provide strategic insight and educate the market as a key voice within Core Security, a Fortra Company.

Raphael Mudge adds, "This is a big step for Cobalt Strike and its customers. I'm excited about the collaboration with Core Security, the resources available to innovate, and the real security impacts we can achieve through continued leadership in the pen-testing market."


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