Fortra Welcomes Clearswift

Fortra Announces Clearswift Acquisition to Expand Cybersecurity Portfolio

About Clearswift


Clearswift is trusted by organizations across the globe for advanced content threat protection and the highest level of defense against breaches through today’s digital communication channels. The unique technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution that avoids the risk of business interruption and enables organizations to gain visibility and take control of their critical information 100% of the time.

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Why Clearswift + Fortra


The Clearswift solutions, and the talented team that supports them, strengthen Fortra's growing cybersecurity business. The addition of the Clearswift products to the Fortra portfolio will provide customers an expanded set of cybersecurity options that protect critical data and enable compliance with industry mandates such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA and help them stay on top of the shifting cybersecurity environment – on any operating system. This acquisition also supports our commitment to the ongoing expansion of our partner network and international presence.

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Content Threat Protection


With its deep content inspection, Clearswift technology scans content as it enters or leaves your organization to ensure sensitive data transmitted via e-mail, or other web-based methods, is protected as it travels within and outside the organization. Clearswift embeds this adaptive data loss prevention technology within its solutions. This comprehensive approach empowers organizations to gain visibility and control of their critical information as it’s processed and shared through digital channels. Clearswift gives teams the freedom to do their jobs in a secure, collaborative way.

Clearswift Solutions

Email Security

Web Security

Information Governance

Endpoint Protection

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We’ll be working closely with the Clearswift team as we bring our companies together. 

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