Interview with Expert Insights: The State of the Cybersecurity Landscape

Posted on July 6, 2022 | Data Protection , IT Infrastructure Protection

How have changes in the way businesses engage with digital services impacted the threat landscape and how important is it that organizations take a layered approach to security as a result? 

John Grancarich of Fortra discusses these challenges and more in this in-depth interview with Expert Insights. John also provides guidance on the first steps organizations can take to improve their cybersecurity resilience.  

Originally published in Expert Insights


“If you look at the entire cybersecurity landscape, whether it’s products or services or some other type of solution, by our count there are over 4,500 companies in the world today offering some level of solution. That’s an insane number. What we want to do is help organizations use fewer of these. We would get them down from, say, 50 to 10, or just something much more manageable, because we don’t think that the cybersecurity skills gap for 3 million job openings is ever going to get filled. But what we can do is make it better for today’s cybersecurity professionals by bringing more of these solutions together into a more usable, single experience.”

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