MySecTV: Advancing as a Cybersecurity Ally

Posted on July 26, 2023

Anirudh Chand, Head of Solutions Engineering, Asia Pacific and Japan, spoke to MySecTV about the cybersecurity landscape in his region and how Fortra helps strengthen customers’ security maturity with a comprehensive solution portfolio.  

Originally published in MySecTV.


“We are a problem solver to our customers. We also want to be a proactive protector and a relentless ally. Those are the three things we want to offer when onboarding a new customer. The biggest challenge or the first thing we look at is what prevents customers from increasing their cybersecurity maturity and what is holding them back? It could be a myriad of things. It could be resources, the lack of visibility on what they already have, or not having the right guidance to do what they must do. We want to have that partnership with customers to be a problem solver, proactively protect them from threats they may face throughout their journey, and become their relentless ally.”   

Watch the full interview here.