SecurityInfoWatch: Future Proofing File Transfer Methods | Press Release

SecurityInfoWatch: Future Proofing File Transfer Methods

Posted on November 2, 2022 | Data Protection , IT Infrastructure Protection

Sending confidential information with basic encryption is no longer enough. In this article by Chris Bailey, Sr Product Manager at Fortra, find out why Digital Rights Management (DRM) is needed for true Zero Trust.  

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"To truly achieve Zero Trust across files, data, and business-critical information, you need to defend it at the source. This requires you to not only place access controls on the method of delivery but on the information itself.”  

“For this, there is Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM works differently. Rather than making the data impossible for unwanted parties to catch, it makes it impossible for them to use. DRM lets you control every file, email, and piece of intellectual property that crosses the wire.” 

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