What HelpSystems (now Fortra) is Up to Now | Press Release

What HelpSystems (now Fortra) is Up to Now

Posted on April 4, 2018

HelpSystems has become one the largest independent software vendors in the IBM i marketplace, with tools spanning operations, security, backup, high availability, forms management, and capacity planning. A company representative recent sat down with IT Jungle at the recent COMMON PowerUp conference to talk about what’s new.

HelpSystems didn’t have a single major product launch at the COMMON conference in San Antonio, Texas, two weeks ago. Instead the company used the event to showcase multiple enhancements, and to talk about future products — such as a security information and event management (SIEM) solution and a new analytics dashboard — that are coming down the pike.

Arguably the biggest HelpSystems product news from PowerUp revolved around Insite, which is a Web-based dashboard that HelpSystems uses across multiple products. The company initially delivered Insite as a way for users to access certain PowerTech security functions back in 2014, and it subsequently used the HTML5 and JavaScript GUI with some of its Robot tools.

Now Insite is getting a wider roll-out.

“We’ve been kind of piloting it in the Robot and PowerTech space and now we’re adding more and more to it,” said Tom Huntington, HelpSystems vice president of technical services. While the company doesn’t plan to use Insite with all of its 120-plus products, it does plan to use it with many of them, including another 14 this year, he said.


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