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[Customer Exclusive] Robot Health Check

Robot keeps your IBM i running so efficiently—and reliably—that you never even have to think about it. That’s a good thing in the middle of a crisis. But how long has it been since you reviewed the health of your Robot software?

This is a friendly reminder that your Robot tools – Schedule, Console, Network, Alert, Monitor, Space, or HA software – may be overdue for a health check. It’s time to analyze your implementation and make improvements! A wellness check will keep Robot running smoothly for years to come and will put you in an even better position for that next crisis that might divert your attention and require the priorities of the business to shift.

During this user-focused webinar, our top product experts address the most common mistakes, including improperly configured purges, old automation instructions, and productivity loss due to unused features. Join us on December 15th to learn how to:

  • Use built-in reports to assist with cleanup of obsolete rules
  • Monitor for expired calendars and date objects
  • Run the Good Morning reports
  • Review job dependencies and take advantage of group jobs
  • Analyze message rules and check for duplication
  • Review purge processing
  • Understand Robot Alert device usage
  • Improve the overall health of your system by cleaning up disk space
  • Take advantage of updated features in new releases

See how much farther a well-oiled Robot helps with your crisis resiliency—and improve your work-life balance.

Dec 15, 2022