The “LA Triplets” Quiz

This is a little quiz to test your understanding of the triplet of numbers that appear in the UNIX® load average (LA) performance metric.

IT Service Optimization: Reaching New Heights

Survey Says Chaos Reigns A global survey of more than 300 IT executives, directors and managers revealed that the majority of IT organizations (53%) rank in the chaotic level of IT Service Optimization maturity. That means these organizations lack a consistent process to manage and improve the quality and efficiency of their services and will continue firefighting performance and capacity issues...

Modeling Multi-Threaded Processors

There are substantial differences between single-threaded and multi-threaded architectures. The new capabilities combined with the easy-to-use Vityl Capacity Management interface makes it easy to predict application and service performance on the new multi-threaded architectures.

mySQL and the SQL Query Action

Automate can easily interact with a mySQL server and its associated databases through the SQL Query and SQL Stored Procedure actions. The document explains how to setup a mySQL data source connection through Automate that can be used to run queries against a mySQL database.

Debugging Tasks

We'll explore some of the techniques you can use to debug tasks in the Automate Task Builder. Several features available in Automate 6.1 can help make this an easier process.