Infrastructure Protection & Data Security Solutions

Protect business-critical data with automated security solutions that help you stay ahead of today's ever-changing threats.


Fortra is a leader in Infrastructure Protection and Data Security software providing organizations with comprehensive, automated security solutions. The Fortra solution suites help you create a more secure and automated organization by giving you the tools and flexibility you need to keep business running smoothly in an ever-changing threat landscape with security at the forefront. 

Today's reality for information security professionals

Chances are, your team is struggling to keep up with the ever-growing workload, increasing security threats, and shifting priorities that have become
hallmarks of today’s IT environment. Instead of proactively building your security posture, you’re forced to be reactive, always fighting the biggest fire first.

You need a better way.

Simplify your security strategy and reduce overhead

Every product you buy from a different vendor adds overhead and complexity. Fortra offers a full portfolio to solve your security challenges and make it easier to do your job.

We’ll help you create a simpler security strategy that is ultimately stronger, more effective, and adaptable.

Our Fortra security anthem

Security is a collaborative process, and Fortra is your trusted partner. As part of our purpose of helping you Build a Better IT™, our goal is to make your IT security more powerful.

We give you the tools and flexibility you need to keep business running smoothly in an ever-changing threat landscape with security at the forefront.

Security Solutions from Fortra

With Fortra, you can keep your permissions locked down, your valuable data safe, and your threats minimized, all while maintaining productivity.
We focus our solutions on two key areas to help you streamline your security stance.




Our data security solutions allow you to understand your
sensitive data and keep it secure throughout its lifecycle, no matter
where it resides (on premise or in the cloud), or how it’s shared.

Data Protection
Data Loss Prevention, Data Classification,
Digital Rights Management

Digital Risk Protection
Brand Protection, Account Takeover Protection,
Social Media Protection, Data Leak Detection

Email Security & Anti-Phishing
Business Email Compromise, Secure Email Gateway,
Brand Protection

Secure File Transfer
Managed File Transfer, Secure Email and Collaboration,
File Transfer Acceleration



Our suite of infrastructure protection solutions allow you
to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems and
determine how to best respond to them. 

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment, Application Security Testing,
Integrity Monitoring, Threat Scanning & Monitoring

Offensive Security
Penetration Testing, Red Team Software,
Security Testing Services

Identity & Access Management

Identity Access Management Icon

Granting user access to confidential information can be a slippery slope to non-compliance. Too little access strengthens security but can hinder efficiency. But too much access increases the risk of an employee accidently exposing sensitive details—or worse, doing so with malicious intent.

With increased reliance on cloud infrastructure, hybrid IT environments are fast becoming the norm. Fortra's identity and access management solutions help you ensure all roles have the right level of access to information on premise, in the cloud, and on any operating system.

Our solutions include Identity Governance & Administration and Privileged Access Management.

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IBM i Security

IBM i is one of the most securable operating systems around, but default settings and misconfigurations put many servers–and their data–at risk. Whether your IT staff consists of security novices or seasoned professionals, we have the experience and resources to help you implement a multi-layered defense that protects your organization without disrupting business activity.


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