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Protect business-critical data and automate complex IT processes with best-in-class solutions from Fortra, the new face of HelpSystems.

As organizations work to simplify and strengthen IT in the wake of talent shortages and frequent cyberattacks, they look to consolidate vendors.
Fortra's best-in-class portfolio is designed to be your go-to singular resource for a straightforward strategy that makes you stronger, more effective, and more adaptable.

Our offerings give you the tools you need to meet the challenges of today’s threat landscape head on while streamlining and automating your IT infrastructure.


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Cybersecurity Solutions

Data Security

After your employees, your data is your company’s most valuable asset. Your customer, employee, and financial data, as well as your own intellectual property, are your crown jewels. You need to make sure each is well protected. To do that, you need complete visibility into where your data is (on premises or in the cloud) and how it’s being stored and shared at all times. Without the proper controls, you risk a costly data breach that will damage your company’s reputation and customer relationships.

Just like your security journey, data has a journey too. Fortra has you covered throughout the lifecycle of data at rest, in use, and in motion.

Infrastructure Protection

Our Infrastructure Protection suite allows your organization to identify and prioritize the risks that truly pose the biggest threat to your infrastructure. IT infrastructure is not limited to the technology inside facilities, but includes anything that can connect to the internal network, like cloud resources or IoT devices. You need the right stack of solutions and services that provide both web-application and network security.

By assembling an offensive security strategy with our proactive infrastructure protection solutions, you’ll gain actionable insight into where your security gaps exist and what steps you can take to eliminate them. The result is a more efficient and more effective cybersecurity program that can remove weaknesses before they are exploited.


Find and prioritize vulnerabilities on Linux, AIX and IBM i with our free Security Scan. With your free, no-obligation Security Scan, you get an objective assessment of your top security risks—with guidance from experienced cybersecurity pros.



Security Services

Don’t go it alone. Let our cybersecurity experts help. 
We have the experience and resources to help you implement a multi-layered defense that protects your organization without disrupting business activity.


Professional security services extend your network security team’s capabilities, providing unique insights that can only be gained through an outside perspective. Our experienced staff will work closely with your team to provide expert consultation and perform vital testing services.

Penetration Testing Services

Our testers will find and exploit vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to determine and prioritize risk.

Security Consulting Services

SCS assists in improving your security stance with program offerings that find security gaps, help with compliance, and secure IT assets.

Social Engineering Services

Assess employee, contractor, and patron susceptibility to social trickery through premise- or remote-based mimicking of real-world attacks.

Red Teaming Exercises

Our Red Teamers use industry-leading methods to simulate an attack scenario, testing defenses by evading detection and using exploitable areas of your network, applications, credentials, and devices to gain access to sensitive data.

Ease the burden of day-to-day responsibilities and pinpoint vulnerable areas in your environment with assistance from our managed services experts. You’ll achieve peace of mind—and smoother audits—with consistent processes in place. 

Managed Detection and Response

Rely on security experts to detect, disrupt, and eliminate cyberattacks 24/7 across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Managed Data Loss Prevention

Minimize the risk of accidental data loss, data exfiltration, and cyberattacks while reducing impact on day-to-day operations.

IBM i Security Services

Leverage the power of managed security services tailored to IBM i’s unique features.

Featured Product Bundle:

SFT Threat Protection

Combining two Fortra Data Security solutions—managed file transfer (MFT) and the deep content inspection and sanitization of Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway—delivers a layered data security defense for your most sensitive data.

Our ICAP Gateway integrates with both GoAnywhere MFT and Globalscape EFT to provide a flexible, seamless, and frictionless solution for organizations to share critical and sensitive information within and outside of the network as it enters or leaves.

How it works:

  • MFT securely transfers attachments between employees or trading partners.
  • The ICAP Gateway dives deep into content and only intercepts it when threat protection and data loss prevention (DLP) requirements exist.
  • ICAP runs the rules set and either blocks the transmission if content cannot be sanitized or it sanitizes it by redacting offending content to allow the transfer to continue through the secure, encrypted, and automated MFT protocol.

Check out how this government customer used MFT and the ICAP Gateway to help users access and share data securely while remote.

Automation & Intelligence

The fast-changing business climate requires innovative thinking and tools to maintain productivity and weave security best practices into all facets of your daily operations. Optimizing business processes and securing your organization both require automated workflows and intelligence-driven decisions.

Our Automation & Intelligence solutions include:

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IBM i Solutions

Fortra aligns IT and business goals to help IBM i organizations build a competitive edge. Our software secures IT environments, monitors and automates processes, and provides easy access to the information people need. From cybersecurity to systems management to business intelligence, Fortra and our team of IBM i experts have you covered.

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