Training and Response Bundle

Train your employees to report inbox threats and save your SOC time and money

What is Fortra's Training and Response Bundle?


Fortra offers advanced email threat protection from our Terranova Security and PhishLabs’ solutions. This integration includes award-winning Security Awareness Training that serves as a vital secondary line of defense as employees learn to identify and report inbox threats, coupled with expert analysis and automated reviews through a responsive feedback loop provided by our Suspicious Email Analysis managed service.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness Training from Terranova Security provides engaging training modules that make your employees deliberately pay attention to what emails are coming in and forcing them to consider or change their own unsafe user behaviors. This interactive programming generates real-world phishing simulations that provide critical threat intel in a customized experience that can significantly reduce your organization’s risk of being phished.

What is Email Threat Protection and Analysis?

Suspicious Email Analysis from PhishLabs is a threat mitigation service that performs automated reviews and expert analysis of employee-reported phishing emails. It then provides feedback in a fast and responsive loop that quickly updates the reporter(s), encouraging future reporting with fidelity, and reduces workload for often understaffed SOC teams. This enhances detection accuracy and saves your organization from undue risk.

How Cybersecurity Training & Response Work Together


Fortra’s Training and Response Bundle stops email threats by delivering world-class Security Awareness Training from Terranova Security and Suspicious Email Analysis from PhishLabs. Once employees are trained to identify untrustworthy communications through an interactive and custom-designed experience, advanced email threats can be easily reported and quickly mitigated through our managed service. A swift response from our dedicated team follows each report to provide updates on the status of the threat and even encourage future reporting.

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Training and Response Solutions from Fortra

Fortra’s Security Awareness Training for Employees

Fortra’s Terranova Security helps organizations worldwide create security-aware cultures that prioritize strong data protection. With engaging, end-to-end customizable courses and game-style modules bolstered by real-world phishing simulation templates, employees receive valuable, hands-on experience to face cyberattacks they may encounter in their day-to-day routines.


Fortra’s Suspicious Email Analysis Managed Service

Fortra’s PhishLabs phishing protection service simplifies the reporting of suspicious emails through a “Report Phish” button deployed directly in your email browser. Reported threats are examined and checked against Fortra’s Global Inbox Threat Intelligence, which includes threat indicators from your users, our global user base, and other intel sources to quickly identify threats. We can also feed threat indicators to your SOAR/SIEM or custom email stack to mitigate attacks on multiple users and strengthen security points against future threats.

Benefits of Bundling

Creative problem-solving paves the way to success when tackling complex cybersecurity challenges. By bringing trusted Fortra products together in powerful new ways, you have access to an elevated set of tools, capabilities, and resources. These software bundles will help you actively protect your organization’s infrastructure, your employees and customers, and your data.

Strengthen Data Protection
Ensure Threat Prevention
Expert Shakedown of Inbox Takedowns

Case Study

Information Security Training for Financial Industry

Many industries have benefited from cybersecurity awareness training – in this case study, Terranova Security delivered practical advice about information security and simultaneously educated users who had no prior knowledge of the subject at a global bank.

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Deploy the Security Response Duo

Bring together the interactive platform of Terranova’s Security Awareness Training and bolster your employees’ ability to suspend phishing threats through takedowns with PhishLabs’ Suspicious Email Analysis.

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