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Electronic Document Creation and Delivery

Route electronic forms, automatically deliver reports, and manage output


Never be constrained by document format or delivery method again. With electronic document creation and delivery from Webdocs Creation & Delivery, get secure document delivery, simplify form generation, and speed up workflows to boost productivity.


Key Features

Deliver documents to any location

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Choose among multiple options for secure document and report delivery. Send documents or reports via email, or deliver them to print queues, PC directories, FTP servers, or a document management system. Electronic document delivery is transparent—you’ll always know where your documents are in the routing process and have an electronic copy at the ready.

It's time to modernize forms creation and delivery, and our guide can help you get started.


Automated Document Creation

Automated Document Creation Example

On IBM i? Webdocs Creation & Delivery Checks All the Boxes

No more manual effort when it comes to using your IBM i data to create reports and forms.

Monitor IBM i output queues, Windows applications, SharePoint, ERP systems, and more—automatically

Generate reports with data from IBM i, other platforms, any database, spool files, text files, or XML data.

Burst, split, and convert reports into any PC format (or multiple formats)

Set up rules for digital report delivery to the right recipients

See how you can use your IBM i data for reports and forms without printing, keying data, or adding a bunch of steps to your processes.


Got Spool Files? No Problem.

Create PC docs from spool files

Create PC documents

Use IBM i data to create any type of PC document—from statements to customer letters to invoices and beyond. Plus, there’s no need for you to manually enter data—let Webdocs take care of that for you.

Convert and transfer IBM i spool files

Convert and transfer IBM i spool files

Send your IBM i spool files directly to PCs and FTP servers with Webdocs. You can even schedule commands, run them interactively, or embed them in CL, RPG, or COBOL programs. Plus, there’s no need for 5250 screen scraping.

Conduct stress-free mail merges

Conduct stress-free mail merges

Pull information directly from your IBM i databases into Microsoft Word for speedy mail merges. You’ll save time and be able to focus on more important tasks than routine mail merges.

The software gives the IT department a way to make processes more efficient. If we didn’t have this tool, we’d be doing a lot of stuff manually. Fortra came up to bat and hit a home run.

MJ, IT Manager, Major Steel Supplier

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Looking for a solution for your documents? Download The Document Management Guide to see where your processes could improve.


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