Keystroke Logging

Essential session recording within geographic legal frameworks


Keystroke logging on Linux and UNIX systems has typically been the province of third-party tools not well integrated into security policy management. However, cultural and legal differences in the mechanics of how session logs are collected and stored, as well as who may review them can require significant security policy differences as they are implemented. This is especially true in a Linux/UNIX infrastructure that supports international business units. This applies less to the technical setup and execution and more to policy planning and enforcement. Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS) centralizes the administration of when keystroke logs are associated with specific sessions, when user roles match to high-risk server environments

keystroke logging

How We Help You Gain Control

Record Sessions Automatically

Enforce session recording by automatic policy

Record SSH Shell Sessions

Implement optional session recording of SSH shell sessions for external contractors or critical business process functions (e.g., the manual start of monthly payroll processing)

Record Sudo Command Execution

Leverage optional session recording of Sudo privileged command execution

Encrypt Keystroke Log Files

Encrypt keystroke log files automatically

Separate the Centralized Log Store

Keep your centralized log stores separated from normal user access

Control Who Can Access Keystroke Logs

Leverage sub-administration control of who can review keystroke logs

Implement Segregation of Duties

Opt to have an authorized keystroke log reviewer outside the BoKS Security System admin team, which is required in some geographies

Limit Recording User Session Input

Elect to limit to recording user session input only (and not output) to meet EU workplace Work Council guidelines on employee monitoring

The benefits of keystroke logging with Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS)

BoKS ServerControl - Quickly Meet Compliance

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet access/authorization regulations as described in SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, FDCC, and FISMA. In particular, address specific EU and Singapore employee monitoring restrictions.

BoKS ServerControl - Reduce Admin Overhead

Reduce Admin Overhead

Minimize training requirements significantly. There is no specific platform-based security training needed for automatic session recording using Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS).

BoKS ServerControl - Prevent Breaches

Prevent Breaches

Protect your data with admin consistency that removes platform-specific implementation details from the hands of your technical staff. Avoid using scripted methods to attempt to centralize session logs that may be hackable.

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