Fortra's Core Security

Proactive cyber threat prevention. Simplified identity & access management. Intelligent security.

Core Security delivers market-leading, threat-aware, vulnerability, identity and access management solutions that provide the actionable intelligence and context needed to manage security risks across the enterprise. Uncover the many ways in which your organization can benefit from our analytics-based approach to security.


Core Impact

Expose security vulnerabilities with comprehensive penetration testing

Core SCS (Security Consulting Services)

Discover the strength of your security controls with pen testing services from our trusted cybersecurity experts

Event Manager

Identify and respond to security events in real time

Access Assurance Suite

Use advanced intelligence with holistic identity and access management

Core Password

Automate password management and self-service password resets

Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS)

Centralize your multi-vendor infrastructure into a single security domain

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Manage risk, intelligently.

Core Security enables enterprises to take a more holistic and predictive approach to safeguard critical data and assets.

Improve Compliance

What Can Core Security Do for You?

Cyber Threat Prevention

  • Collect and analyze a large amount of contextual data
  • Improve advanced persistent threat detection and risk prioritization
  • Adapt and protect against new or developing cyber threats
  • Continually monitor network access, security, and risk
  • Provide peace of mind through a proactive cybersecurity policy

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Identity Governance & Administration

  • Protect access to sensitive information and adhere to relevant regulations
  • Practice principle of least privilege and segregation of duties
  • Speed up onboarding and get employees the access they need
  • Streamline access management through automation and clear interfaces

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Minimize risks and maintain continuous compliance.

Whether you're looking to manage access and reduce identity-related threats, or evaluate your security posture for vulnerabilities, we're here to help.