Key Features

Enhance your IBM i applications and source code using these rich product features

RPG Conversion Wizard

RPG Toolbox Conversion example

Modernize your RPG source code with the most up-to-date syntax and style available for your IBM i release with the RPG Conversion Wizard.

You can perform four types of conversions through RPG Toolbox:

  • Convert RPG III and RPG/400 source code to modernized RPG IV syntax
  • Update existing RPG IV source code to take advantage of modern syntax
  • Convert RPG IV fixed-format Calculation specifications to free form syntax
  • Convert H, F, D, and P specifications to free form syntax

The conversions can be performed from SEU or IBM's RDi development environment. RPG Toolbox’s flexibility allows you to convert entire source members or blocks of source code within a member.

RDi Plugin

RDi Plugin to convert source into free form syntax

The RPG Toolbox RDi Plugin allows you to convert RPG source into free form syntax, as well as indent nested logic within the Rational Developer for IBM i (RDi) graphical development environment. The plugin adds new items to the RDi context menus, allowing you to take action on entire RPG source members or just blocks of selected lines of source code.

Through the RDi plugin, you can configure and save the free form conversion preferences to meet your needs.  25 different preference settings are provided to customize the conversion process.



SEU PLUS enhances IBM’s Source Entry Utility (SEU) with over 70 new line commands and function keys. Use this feature of RPG Toolbox to write and maintain source code faster and more effectively on the IBM i.

Many SEU PLUS line commands work with most source types, including RPG, COBOL, DDS, CL and CMD Source. Here’s a sample of the commands you can find in RPG Toolbox:

  • Modernize Source: Modernize a block of RPG source with the latest RPG IV syntax available for your IBM i release (fixed or free-form).
  • Expressions: Insert and edit long expressions. Prompt and insert built-in-functions. Additionally compress expressions into the minimum lines required.
  • Examine Variables: View the length and type of any variable (field) in a RPG IV program without having to browse through the source.
  • Key Lists and Parameter Lists: Show the fields that make up a list without having to browse through the source.
  • Indicators: Show the numbered indicators used within a RPG IV program.
  • Snippets of Source Code: Insert Snippets of predefined source code for building applications faster. Over 200 snippets are included.
  • Nested Code: Display nested logic in indented fashion with connector lines. Can also indent free-form logic.

SEU PLUS also allows developers to add their own custom line commands for launching IBM i commands within SEU and for inserting predefined snippets of source code.

Clean RPG Source


Included in the RPG Toolbox is the Clean RPG Source (CLNRPG) command to remove unnecessary clutter from your programs. This command can be configured to find unused stand-alone work fields, subroutines, prototypes, key lists, parameter lists and tags. By removing unused definitions and logic from your RPG programs, these programs will compile faster and run more efficiently. The cleaned programs will also be easier to maintain and test since programmers will not have to work with unused source code.

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