Automate Schedule: SAP Background Processing Integration

Automate Schedule's SAP-certified interface allows you to schedule real-time, event-driven SAP tasks in response to critical business events—and do it using a central interface, on any web browser, from anywhere. The Automate Schedule SAP interface connects your SAP background processing to other jobs, processes, and events across multiple systems and applications for more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective enterprise scheduling. With Automate Schedule managing SAP tasks, staff will have better visibility and control over the background processing in your department, which reduces errors and costs for the entire team.

Simple Setup, Serious Solution

Automate Schedule can run your SAP jobs remotely or you can install an agent on one or more SAP servers to run local programs and commands. In both scenarios, Automate Schedule can:

  • Define/submit SAP jobs
  • Start SAP jobs based on outside events
  • Manage jobs intercepted on the SAP system
  • Group multiple SAP jobs (ABAP steps) and run them as a single job
  • Retrieve the SAP job log
  • Query variants in the SAP system
  • Modify SAP variants
  • Schedule SAP process chains
  • Run intercept jobs

Need more visibility and control into your SAP background processing?

Let Automate Schedule's powerful tools do the work for you:

  • Forecast Models—Forecasting helps you allot time for maintenance and outages within your current schedule. Automate Schedule’s Forecast Models show you what jobs are scheduled across all your servers, the day and time, what the dependencies are, and what the average run time has been based on job history.
  • Real-Time Activity Monitoring—A real-time view of all job scheduling activity makes it easy to spot exceptions, such as failed jobs and late starts. Plus, you have full control to edit on the fly.
  • Audit Reporting—Automate Schedule’s Audit History helps you reach compliance requirements by tracking who created a new job, who changed a job setup or commands, who forced a job to run outside its scheduled time, and more.
  • Role-Based Security—With a virtually limitless combination of security options, Automate Schedule makes it possible to secure functions by department, division, geographic location, or even customer.

Set Up Your SAP Interface in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Define your SAP system(s) in Automate Schedule.
  2. Poll existing SAP jobs with ABAP steps.
  3. Schedule SAP jobs in Automate Schedule.


  • Quick installation
  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Powerful event-driven scheduling options
  • Central monitoring of all processing in real time
  • Full auditing capabilities


  • Improves visibility and control over background processing across your entire enterprise
  • Reduces overhead and errors with centralized management
  • Speeds up service delivery by integrating business and IT processes
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and IBM i


  • Integration with SAP NetWeaver
  • Automate Schedule is certified for integration with SAP’s Background Processing, Job Scheduling System (BC-XBP 6.10 Version 2.0).


  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.3
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.0 (2004s)
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 2004
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 6.10/6.20
  • SAP R/3 4.5 and SAP R/3 4.0

Let's Get Started

To learn more about how Automate Schedule provides added functionality and integrates SAP background processing with other IT processes, get a personalized demo from a software expert.