HelpSystems Insite Datasheet

HelpSystems Insite®



More environments to manage. More platforms. More applications. IT’s job is harder than ever, and all this infrastructure diversity creates artificial walls that keep products from operating well together and workflows from being efficiently executed.

Insite knocks these walls down. It’s a browser-based integration hub that makes it easy for customers to work with many of our products and enhance their decision-making capabilities. Through the single unified interface, you can update your products to the most recent versions, create and manage dashboards, and monitor work from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Insite is included at no additional cost with the product you receive as a Fortra customer.


Insite is designed using HTML5 and other modern web technologies to support a responsive design that automatically adjusts to your device of choice, whether that’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This ensures you have a simple, intuitive, and consistent user experience and can access the information you need quickly and easily.


Insite comes with flexible dashboard that enables both technical and non-technical users to design dashboards highlighting key operational metrics from Fortra products. Users can combine relevant application and performance metrics from multiple products to design the precise views that matter most to them. Dashboards can be private or shared with colleagues and can display data from any supported Fortra product. Users can also organize information into folders for more granular organization and control as the number of dashboards grows.


With IT powering today’s businesses 24x7, having visibility into the health of your operation at any time of day or night is critical. Insite’s mobility feature lets IT teams see what’s happening on their network without being tied to the office. Users can access Insite via a secure URL on their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, allowing them to monitor jobs from anywhere at any time. When a system issue arises, IT teams now have the flexibility to quickly assess the situation and determine next steps from wherever they are.


Insite’s Deployment Manager consolidates all available product updates onto a single screen and provides visual indicators when a new product update is available. Product updates can be downloaded, installed and licensed directly through Deployment Manager. Enterprise licensing can also be applied across your Fortra products, and you can create a complete audit report of license usage for each product.


  • Create private or shared dashboards
  • Add data from any Fortra product into your dashboard views
  • Organize dashboards into folders for more granular organization and control
  • Install or stage product updates easily
  • Inventory which systems your products are installed on from a single screen
  • Apply an enterprise license for products
  • Create a complete audit report of license usage for each product
  • Access via Web – no VPN needed
  • Monitor jobs from anywhere, at any time
  • Mobile friendly for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets