Network Monitoring Solutions

Reduce the risk of downtime and proactively manage network issues before they affect users and customers. Get immediate visibility into device performance.

What are Network Monitoring Solutions?


Network monitoring solutions are important software tools that help you stay one step ahead of network problems by giving you visibility into device health and traffic patterns. Get a proactive inventory of your devices that shows you status and performance metrics that help prevent outages and downtime. Solutions provide either agentless network monitoring, collecting data using protocols already installed on your IT servers, applications, and hardware to collect data, or agent-based, relying on installing agents on every item you want to monitor.

Network Monitoring Concepts

Network Probes

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A network probe delivers a question to your devices and quickly returns with the specific information you need. This sounds simple, but their job is critical as it gives IT and network administrators the power to monitor performance in real time.

Who Needs Network Monitoring Solutions?

Do you have a network? Then you need a network monitoring solutions. Downtime can be disruptive and costly, but with proactive network monitoring, you can keep your organization's network up and running—no matter your industry. Here are some of the top industries using network monitoring.

How many of the tasks on your plate today are manual and repetitive?

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How Network Monitoring Solutions Help Organizations Prevent Outages

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As your network grows, manual management becomes impossible as optimal network performance requires 24/7 monitoring. Network monitoring solutions show you every physical and virtual device, application, and system running on your network to make this process faster, easier, and more effective. When there's trouble on the network, from an overloaded switch to a failed router, network visibility lets you easily identify culprit devices—saving your organization time and money. Here's how:

  • Visual maps guide IT teams straight to issues
  • Alerts help you spot issues before they get worse
  • Hybrid IT monitoring helps you maintain smooth network performance across all your distributed technology

Top Benefits of Network Monitoring Solutions

If you’ve historically used a homemade Visio map or an Excel spreadsheet to try and keep tabs on your business network, you’ll love the expanded benefits of network monitoring.

Real-Time Insights

High-speed polling of the network allows you to know what’s happening now, not two hours ago.

The Ability to Monitor Everything

Monitor all your core equipment, from physical and virtual devices to servers to applications. If it has an IP address, we can monitor it.

Stay Ahead of Outages

Get the visibility you need to stay one step ahead of potential issues, be it configuration issues, environmental factors or even human errors, to avoid downtime.

Growth Potential

200 devices today could become 2,000 tomorrow. Monitor them all with a solution that can scale as you grow.

Mobile Visibility

Keep a close eye on the network no matter where you are with remote monitoring solutions that jive with you and your team’s mobile lifestyle. 

Proactive Problem-Solving

Live network maps show you exactly where the problems are, so you can fix them fast. When you're proactive about problem-solving, your customers and users will thank you.

Automatic Remediation

Cut remediation time from hours to seconds with a network automation tool for seamless self-healing.

Network Monitoring Solutions from Fortra

Intermapper provides network monitoring and mapping for all industries.

Intermapper is a powerful network monitoring software solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux. See your entire environment, not just IT's, with real-time maps with no refreshing required. Intermapper is easy to install, deploy, and use and even auto-discovers network devices and diagrams them on a live, color-coded map.  Proactively monitor your network for optimal performance with real-time alerts and notifications. And no matter where you are, you can monitor your network with remote network monitoring.

From schools to government agencies, start-ups to enterprises, companies of all sizes and industries rely on Intermapper every day.