Robot Alert

Missing a crucial IBM i event is enough to make your stomach turn. That’s why you need notification software that sends alerts automatically so that critical messages get to the right person at the right time. When that person can’t respond, that same software should know who, when, and how to forward that message—the business consequences of a failure are too steep.

Automatic Messages Where You Are

Robot Alert sends and receives email, text, and SNMP messages in reaction to IBM i events. You don’t have to be chained to your desk to respond to a critical IBM i message. Robot Alert also gives you flexibility to respond from other programs or a browser interface.

Getting It to the Right Person

A message sent on time isn’t any good if the recipient doesn’t know how to handle the message. Robot Alert was built with custom broadcast lists for different messages, so that only team members who know how to respond get the message. That saves communication time among staff and makes issues easier to resolve. What if a message is sent but not responded to? Robot Alert can automatically escalate issues to keep them from getting ignored and ballooning into a problem. Plus, with its feature to automatically escalate messages to the relevant expert on duty, Robot Alert makes it easier to track issues by shift in addition to making sure the most able staffer always answers a message.

Your Systems Management Messenger

Once, to learn about a problem you had to check a queue or have it escalated to you—or worse, an end user called to tell you. Working seamlessly with Robot automation solutions, Robot Alert allows you to discover and deal with issues before they can even become problems.



  • Send and receive two-way email messages from IBM i, including IFS attachments
  • Send and respond to messages from your preferred device
  • Send messages from your programs
  • Send a message to multiple recipients
  • Escalate exceptions detected by other Robot automation tools


  • Receive notification when important jobs end abnormally with Robot Schedule 
  • Receive notification when important messages need a response with Robot Console
  • Receive notification when disk storage thresholds are exceeded with Robot Space
  • Receive notification when IBM i backups need attention with Robot Save
  • Email reports to selected users in a variety of formats with Robot Reports  
  • Consolidate notifications from across your IBM i network with Robot Network


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher



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