Almost 25% of Organizations Still Not Adhering to Security Compliance Mandates, According to 2022 IBM i Marketplace Survey

Posted on January 27, 2022 | IBM i Cybersecurity

Survey Reveals Major Increase in Upgrades to IBM i 7.4, Renewed Concern about Cybersecurity, and Soft Adherence to Data Privacy Regulations

MINNEAPOLIS – January 27, 2022 – Fortra, a cybersecurity and automation software company, today announced the findings from its eighth annual IBM i Marketplace Survey. The survey provides a close look at how organizations use the IBM i platform and the IT initiatives it supports. It reveals the trends shaping and driving the market and provides insight into what the future may bring for this technology.

Over the past eight years, the most consistent data point in the IBM i Marketplace Survey results is the ongoing cybersecurity threat, and this year was no exception. “62% of respondents still said this was their number one concern as they plan their IT environment, with a further 22% citing compliance and regulations in their top five,” said Tom Huntington, executive vice president of technical solutions at Fortra. “And while organizations prioritizing security seem to be implementing multiple solutions, it is still alarming that almost 30% of respondents do not plan to implement them. Even more alarming is how a quarter of organizations are still not adhering to compliance mandates. The combination is unsettling.”

Aside from year-over-year trends and data points, the IBM i Marketplace Survey findings answer questions including: 

•    What are the biggest challenges presented by an increasing remote workforce? 
•    Are more organizations adopting IBM i in the cloud? 
•    What does the IBM i development scene look like? 
•    Are shops expanding their IBM i usage? 
•    How does IBM i’s ROI compare to other servers?
•    Are IBM i customers staying current on the latest OS levels?

To learn more about how IBM i shops are using the platform and what the future of IBM i looks like, sign up for the accompanying webinar, taking place today at 10AM EST. 

Download the complete 2022 IBM i Marketplace Survey results here. 

Methodology and Demographics
This survey represents the viewpoints of IBM i professionals from around the globe across multiple industries and regions. This diverse sampling spans variability in budgets, company size, server size, operating system versions, and experience levels to give a representative and diverse look at the worldwide IBM i market. Manufacturing reclaimed the top seat as the main industry of our respondents this year, with an increase of four points to 18%. 
This year saw a trend upward in responses from smaller organizations (less than 500 employees). 50% of respondents work for an organization with fewer than 499 employees, an increase of 4 points from the previous year. This correlates with smaller manufacturers running IBM i. In terms of the job titles of respondents, they largely remained the same with small, 2-point increases from administrators and director/VP titles. 

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