Annual Survey Shows AIX Platform Supports Global Enterprises with Strong ROI, High Reliability | Press Release

Annual Survey Shows AIX Platform Supports Global Enterprises with Strong ROI, High Reliability

Posted on May 26, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS (May 26, 2021)HelpSystems today released the results of its fifth annual global AIX Community Survey, which reveal how the platform is deployed and the types of initiatives it supports. More than 100 IT professionals in North America, EMEA, and APAC participated in this year’s survey, and their input enables the broader AIX ecosystem to understand the evolving role of AIX with new clarity.  
Supporting Core Business Applications 
AIX is a mainstay for businesses in a variety of industries. This year’s survey respondents underscored the importance of AIX within their IT infrastructures: 43% of respondents run at least 50% of their core applications on AIX, and 30% run between 25% and 50%. These applications include Oracle, SAP, and SAS—used for big data workloads in the financial, government, healthcare, and manufacturing industries—as well as homegrown applications.  
Delivering High ROI 
When asked to evaluate the ROI of their AIX servers against other options, 90% believe AIX to deliver superior ROI, up from 83% in 2020. Clearly, AIX administrators trust this platform to deliver when it comes to reliability, cost, efficiency, and scalability. 
Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 
The survey results indicate a widening skills gap in both AIX and cybersecurity expertise as well as a trend toward overall lean IT teams. With the need to support expanded remote workforces and protect against increased cybersecurity threats, this could present roadblocks to effectively updating technology as quickly as required. In fact, 38% of respondents said provisioning new infrastructure such as POWER servers has been a challenge during the pandemic. IT teams’ ability to leverage automation for routine tasks, job scheduling, and infrastructure monitoring, as well as investment in AIX training programs, will be key to long-term success.  
“As we’ve seen over the past five years in the AIX Community Survey, organizations around the world rely on this operating system because it continues to provide a reliable, scalable platform capable of running their core business applications,” said Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions, Fortra. “IT professionals consistently trust AIX to provide better ROI than alternative options. IBM and other key cloud providers are now offering IBM Power in the cloud. This will give AIX even more longevity as it can be placed in the public cloud alongside X86 Linux and Windows servers.” 
The full AIX Community Survey findings are available online
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