Automotive Industries Article: Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Automotive Systems

by Aviram Jenik, Sr. Director, Strategic Resource Group, Fortra

Posted on May 24, 2022 | Compliance

By 2024, it’s predicted there’ll be more than 400 million connected vehicles in use around the world. In Automotive Industries magazine, Aviram Jenik discusses the implications for cybersecurity and looks at how rigorous testing and standard protocols can elevate the safety of these fast-evolving vehicles. 

Originally published in Automotive Industries


“Industry regulators are meeting the rise in cybercrime by strengthening mandates related to the way automotive components are produced and tested. Fast-changing cybersecurity threats require regulations and best practices to evolve quickly to keep pace. Identifying and correcting security vulnerabilities in connected systems is critical in this next phase of the evolution of connected cars, particularly as autonomous vehicles are knocking at the door. Fortunately, standards are keeping up with the times.”

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