CyberRisk Alliance Podcast with John Grancarich at RSA 2023 | Press Release

CyberRisk Alliance Podcast with John Grancarich at RSA 2023

Posted on April 27, 2023 | Infrastructure and Data Protection

John Grancarich features on the CyberRisk Alliance Podcast at RSA, with host Matt Alderman. He talks about Fortra’s strategy, the vision for our platform and how we can improve our customers’ security maturity while reducing their operational burden. 

Originally published on Security Weekly.


“You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can absolutely be the best in the world at a handful of things and that’s exactly what we’re focusing on at Fortra.”

“When we talk in terms of operational efficiency, it not just technology, its unified support, services, and account management. Fortra thinks of security as really an end-to-end experience that goes far beyond the technology, we’re unifying and streamlining those all elements. The better a job we do of that will absolutely help companies get more mature in their security posture and also help make it more efficient and cost effective to do so.”

Watch the full interview here

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