Executive Q&A: Enterprise Security in the Post-Pandemic Era

Posted on June 25, 2021 | Infrastructure and Data Protection

Malware purveyors never seem to rest even in the midst of a global pandemic. In fact, the bad guys were working to exploit the vulnerabilities created when millions of employees were forced to flee outside the corporate firewall, working from home with a hodgepodge of Wi-Fi connections.

That's just one of the security issues Kate Bolseth, CEO of Fortra, sees looming as businesses transition to the new normal. In this Q&A, Bolseth explains what enterprises need to do to manage growing demands for data access, up their security game, and cope with an evolving regulatory environment.

Read the whole interview here: https://tdwi.org/Articles/2021/06/25/DWT-ALL-Enterprise-Security-in-the-Post-Pandemic-Era.aspx?Page=1