Forbes: 8 Ways To Keep Your Social Security Number Safe From Identity Theft | Press Release

Forbes: 8 Ways To Keep Your Social Security Number Safe From Identity Theft

Posted on September 28, 2022 | Cybersecurity , Data Security

It’s difficult to control your Social Security number in the wild. In his September contribution to Forbes Advisor, John Wilson discusses the most common scams involving Social Security numbers and provides 8 steps individuals can take to prevent identity fraud.  

Originally published in Forbes Advisor 

“For too many of us, our SSNs are already in the hands of miscreants, along with our other intimate details. For the price of a cup of coffee and a bagel—sets of personal records go for as little as $5 each on the dark web—a scammer can use your identity for personal gain.” 

“Fraudsters (or feckless family members) can establish and destroy your credit with the right information. Sometimes this means carrying out synthetic identity fraud using your SSN with a falsified name and address.” 

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