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Forbes Advisor: Beware Of These Vacation Rental Scams That Con Guests And Hosts

Posted on June 9, 2023

In his May contribution to Forbes Advisor, John Wilson sheds light on vacation rental scams targeting guests and hosts. He highlights common scams and provides valuable tips to help avoid these fraudulent activities. 

Originally published in Forbes Advisor


“Wouldn’t it be awful to arrive at your beautiful retreat only to find the house isn’t a rental property at all but an unsuspecting owner’s permanent abode? Or the address you’ve been given doesn’t even exist? 

I have a friend who booked what he thought was a Mediterranean beach house via a reputable home-sharing site. He then got a message from the “property owner” to start communicating via text. They told him his initial payment didn’t go through, so he paid again. He got all the way to Europe before discovering there was no house and his money was gone.” 

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