Forbes: Common Online Scams and How To Avoid Them

Posted on June 29, 2022 | Data Protection , IT Infrastructure Protection

From fake holiday home rentals to counterfeit medications, online scams are now an unfortunate common occurrence. Forbes contributor, John Wilson takes a detailed look at online scams and provides 5 ways to protect yourself from them. 

Originally published on Forbes Advisor


“Mary was lonely. The recently divorced mom of three was ready to dip her toe back into the Orlando, Florida, dating scene and decided to try her luck with a matchmaking app. She soon met Todd.

Their relationship grew via online exchanges and phone calls. They never met. When Todd asked Mary for money after a couple of months, she gladly sent it. And she kept on paying, to the tune of $450,000 over the next four years.

But Todd wasn’t the committed boyfriend Mary thought he was. In fact, he didn’t even exist.”

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