Forbes: Scammers are Cracking Today’s More Secure Passwords | Press Release

Forbes: Scammers are Cracking Today’s More Secure Passwords

Here's what you can do! 

In his latest Forbes Advisor article, John Wilson looks at how fraudsters are targeting multifactor authentication and provides 3 ways to protect yourself. 

Originally published on Forbes Advisor


“To better protect their account holders online, many businesses are using multifactor authentication. It’s the familiar security measure that requires you to enter a one-time password or code after you try to log in with your username and password.

The code, often a series of numerals, is texted to your phone or is generated by an authentication app. The process generally works well, but it can be defeated.

The following scenarios illustrate two approaches for hijacking one-time passwords through cunning social engineering—that is, manipulative—tactics.”

Read the full article to find out more. 

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